Being able to feed ourselves is a basic life skill we need and yet so many people don’t cook and rely on convenience food. To many home cooking is a lost art that is a daunting prospect to master. Through our classes and workshops we demonstrate that home cooking can be simple and easy to do with rewarding results, as well as being affordable and healthy. We aim to give people the skills, knowledge and confidence to cook from scratch so that they are well equipped to feed themselves and their families. By working with groups of children and families we show how food brings people together and that it is a positive social experience.

Food is always at the heart of what we do which is so much more than just what we eat. It is a lifestyle and a major factor in how we interact with our environment and community. Through our workshops we show how our lifestyles impact the environment and we reveal positive ways that we can make changes for the good of our communities and those that want to flourish within it. We look at food related topics such as healthy eating, food waste, sustainability, plastic and recycling.

Its not just what we consume but how we consume it within our environment.

Cookery Classes
Meeting your needs
Our cookery classes come in different formats depending on the end user and their needs.
• Weight Management
• AQA courses
• Jamie Oliver Home Cooking Skills B-tech
• Lunch clubs and after school clubs
Healthy Lifestyle Courses & Workshops
Food is at the heart of our work.
A healthy lifestyle starts with what we eat but it is so much more than that. We offer a range of knowledge workshops all based around food and its affects on us and our environment
• Sugar management
• Food provenance and production
• Sustainability
• Food waste & recycling
Enterprise Courses
Preparing for the future
We teach courses about preparing individuals for independent living and preparing for the work place. This was originally based around food but has developed into other avenues
For various events
Hot & Cold Buffets
Canapes & Finger Food
Contact us for menu ideas & a quote
Community Cafe
at OneStonegrove
Fresh food served daily
A hub for all our other services
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Waste Warriors

Our modern lifestyles are entrenched with convenience which we’ve now come to realise is causing damaging amounts of waste. Our new workshops highlight the issues we face and how we can make a positive difference. Thanks to a second round of funding from North London Waste Authority we are able to deliver our workshops in more primary schools in Barnet and Enfield plus launch in Haringey and Hackney.


This project has been funded by the North London Waste Authority.

Say no to Single-Use Plastic
If we reduce our reliance on disposable items such as straws, bags, cups, utensils and food packaging we can dramatically improve unnecessary waste, especially if you consider that globally we dump a truckload of plastic into the ocean every minute
Food waste top tips
Reduce your waste by
– writing a shopping list and stick to it – don’t shop when hungry and resist offers – Plan ahead and use your freezer – try batch cooking and practise getting creative with a few left over veg rather than let them perish – watch your portions – know that food just past it best before date can still be edible and enjoyable
Recycling tips – did you know?
If a recycling lorry has 15% or more ‘contaminated’ items then the whole lorry load is redirected to landfill. Recycled items don’t have to be pristine clean but you do need to rinse them. Common contaminators are dirty pizza boxes, nappies, toothpaste tubes and low grade plastics like clingfilm, bubblewrap. Find out more at wiseuptowaste.org.uk
Felix Project
The Felix Project collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold. They deliver this surplus food to charities so they can provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society. Thefelixproject.org

We're a team of foodies passionate about eating real food that has minimal detrimental impact on our environment.

Vicki Williams
Founder, Director
After 12 years of working in marketing agencies I followed my passion to teach others the skills and benefits of home cooked food. I love writing and teaching courses that are needed, that are so well received and which make a positive difference to peoples lives.
Natasha Walter
Founder, Director
A children’s food expert, cookery teacher and foodie. Cooking real food with my mother and grandmother has always played a huge role in my life since I started cooking by myself at just 7 years old. I want to pass on this essential life skill to others so they can benefit from a healthy lifestyle.
Filomena Komodromou
Founder, Director
I'm a nutritional therapist and believe in a holistic approach to healing & wellbeing. Good food and home cooking are integral in my life having been brought up in a Sicilian household. I'm also a massive advocate for reducing waste and a firm believer that we need to have more respect for food.
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We are based in North London N12. The majority of our work is delivered in the boroughs of Barnet, Enfield and Barking & Dagenham.

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